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Green Stuff

At ReInk We are very passionate about helping the environment in every way we can, we run a Recycling Scheme and a Plant a Tree Campaign.

The Cartridge Recycling scheme aims to help reduce the contribution of Ink & Toner Cartridges to landfill by up to 100%!

The scheme enables UK Business' to recycle their used printer cartridges completely hassle free, and helps the environment in a great way! Click here for more details.

Here is some interesting facts why recycling your used ink cartridges is great for the environment:

  • Over 65 million cartridges are sold each year in the UK, it is estimated that only 15% are recycled or reused!
  • Recycled printer cartridges cost up to 65% less than original brand cartridges.
  • Up to 3 pints of oil are used in the manufacture of a new printer cartridge. When you recycle cartridges you can help reduce this figure.
  • In just 12 months, cartridge recycling could save 15 million litres of oil in the UK!
  • If you recycle cartridges, you can prevent them ending up in landfill, rubbish dumps and incinerators!
  • Every cartridge that ends up in landfill, can take up to 1,000 years to decompose!

How can I help, with my empty cartridges?

Click Here to download our FREE POST recycling labels, and start recycling your used inkjet cartridges and saving the planet today!
If you want to help the environment and a good cause such as NSPCC and RSPCA at the same time, we can send you some free post envelopes free of charge, just send your full address to and we will get some sent out as soon as possible.

For more info on cartridge recycling for charity, Click Here.

Plant a Tree Campaign

With every order placed we Plant a Tree. Its as simple as that!

It is very beneficial to the environment to plant trees, more and more trees are being cut down every year, to supply the need for paper, other materials and to make room for building projects. This damages the environment in many ways for example trees filter pollutants and reduce soil erosion by wind and water, they give animals a place to live and provide a shelter. Trees also remove carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and replace it with oxygen (so we can breathe!)
Top Tips to help save ink, paper and the environment:
  • When printing online use it is a really good tool that enables you to print web pages without all the ads and other useless junk; you can even choose to remove any images on the page if you wish.
  • Use Jet Tec, inkjet and laser toner cartridges. To find out why you should use Jet Tec Printer Cartridges, Click Here.
  • Recycle your used inkjet and laser toner cartridges.
  • Use recycled paper. Try PurelyPaper they offer a great range.
  • Set your printers to print both sides of the paper, this will save 50% of your paper usage.
  • Reduce margin sizes. By reducing margin sizes you can get more words to a page - saving paper!
  • Make memo pads out of your waste paper. Just a couple of staples and you’ve got a pad for phone messages & doodles. 

Recycle & Reuse - Mobile Phones 

Recycling your old mobile phones is a really good way to help the environment, it is estimated that there are 90 million surplus mobile phones in the UK alone - that’s more than one per person and with new phones so cheaply available at the end of a contract the average phone usage life is 18 months resulting in more and more phones ending up in landfill sites across the UK, it is very important that this is prevented as it will reduces potentially harmful substances leaking into the environment.
Here is some more interesting facts why recycling your used mobile phones is great for the environment:
  • It is estimated that less than 20% of all unused mobile phones in the UK are currently recycled
  • Around 90 million old mobile phones lie unused in the UK.
  • Mobile phones contain substances which need to be disposed of in safe and efficient manner
  • Some mobile phones contain the most dangerous non-biodegradable toxic substances in the world.
If you wish you recycle your used mobile phone, request some FREEPOST Envelopes today by sending your full address to and we will get some sent out as soon as possible.
Recycling your old mobile phones also enables them to be refurbished and reused!

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