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6X4 AGFA Photo Paper
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A4 AGFA Photo Paper
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Top Tips to Produce Brilliant Photos at Home!



  • Download Picasa™ it's a free photo editing program from Google. It enables you to organize all your photos, improve your photos with features like red eye removal & auto contrast, add special effects like soft focus and much more. 

  • Remember to select the best printing prefrences available (for example 'Best Photo'), select the correct paper type and size and print your photos borderless.

  • Select the size you print your photos carefully, do not exceed A4 size photos if your digital camera is less than 6 Mega Pixels, as you will be able to notice the pixels in the photo.

  • If your printing 6"x4" Photos use 6"x4" Photo Paper as this saves cutting out photos & wasting paper, for Larger prints use A4 Photo Paper.

  • Run a head cleaning process on your printer before printing photos, this will prevent blockages in the cartridge, therfore excellent prints everytime.


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