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Why Use Jet Tec

At ReInk we only stock Jet Tec Inkjet & Toner Cartridges as we believe Jet Tec cartridges offer an environmentally friendly alternative to OEM products without compromising on the quality and maintaining an exceptional standard of print.

Jet Tec cartridges have won many awards including the Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2004 for their patented Extralife technology which is exclusive to Jet Tec.

100% Quality Guarantee
We  are that confident you will be satisfied with your cartridges that all Ink cartridges are guaranteed for 2 years and all Laser Toner cartridges are guaranteed for 3 years! Click Here, For more details.

Extra Life Cartridges 
The life of an Epson inkjet cartridge is determined by the printer. When the printer calculates that the cartridge is empty, it informs the chip on the cartridge it is empty and displays this on the status monitor.

However, Jet Tec Extra life cartridges use ‘smart’ chip technology: When enabled, the chip activates the Extralife and displays it in the ‘status monitor’, thus allowing access to extra ink from the Jet Tec cartridge. 

Extralife simply means that the cartridges will last longer so they do not need to be thrown away as often, reducing the effects on landfill. Where certain cartridges benefit from 100% Extra life the effects on landfill are reduced twice over!

Jet Tec's production process ensures that each cartridge is full to the maximum with high quality printer ink. Due to the technique used Jet Tec cartridges are, in many cases they are able to offer extra ink within the cartridge when compared to the original cartridge initially manufactured!
Extra life also means good news for the environment: as Jet Tec cartridges last longer, fewer Jet Tec cartridges are thrown away than other brands.
Jet Tec Epson Extra life cartridges are not the only cartridges in the Jet Tec range that allow access to extra ink, this is also available on a number of Jet Tec Canon, Brother, HP and Lexmark cartridges.
Jet Tec Extra life technology is proven, with many products tested and approved by the LGA and further verified by winning the ‘Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation.’ and is 100% Compatible with your printer.

Superb Photo Quality
Every Jet Tec cartridge goes through a thorough testing process to ensure the best possible performance. 

As well as offering Extra life to many of the Jet Tec cartridges, all cartridges have a quick drying ink formula therefore minimising smudging this ensures a superb photo quality finish every time!

The Jet Tec ink is also produced in the Lincolnshire-based factory and developed to give vibrant colours with vivid print results on all types of media. Every time. 


All Jet Tec Inkjet Cartridges match the original manufacturer’s guidelines for light-fastness ensuring that your precious moments stay as true as your memories for a lifetime, for example your photos still looks as magnificent as the moment they were taken when you share them with friends and family!

Recyclable packaging
Jet Tec are fully committed to reducing landfill with an overall objective of 0% landfill.

Jet Tec packaging is manufactured from recycled plastic with the face card material coming from sustainable forestry. All toner boxes are made from recyclable card and all waste paper and card is recycled. Over recent years Jet Tec have also worked to considerably reduce the size of their blister packaging, Since 2005 Jet Tec have reduced the size of or blister packaging by nearly 50% when compared to previous packaging.

All of Jet Tec’s products are manufactured in Lincolnshire, UK, which ensures a far smaller carbon footprint than those companies who import products from overseas.

Recycled Cartridges
Millions of ink and toner cartridges are simply thrown away every year, ending up in landfill sites across the world. The plastics and metals they contain take thousands of years to decompose.

Recycling helps prevent this. Re-using what would normally be thrown away has dramatic effects. It not only protects our environment, recycling slows mans consumption of the earth’s already depleted resources. Click Here for some intresting fact about recycling printer cartridges.

How can I help, with my empty cartridges?

Click Here to download our FREE POST recycling labels, and start recycling your used inkjet cartridges and saving the planet today!

In Many cases, with general orders you may receive a freepost envelope with your cartridges, just put your empty ink cartridges in this envelope and pop it in the post.

If you are a business you can join our Recycling Scheme, to benefit from up to 25% off all products on our site and hassle free recycling, Click Here for more details.


 We know you will be extremely pleased by the results offered by Jet Tec. 


Jet Tec FAQ's

What should I do if the ink cartridge warning light appears after installing a cartridge?
1. Switch the printer off for 20 seconds and restart.
2. If the light is still on after step 1, remove the affected cartridge, following the printer cartridge change instructions.
3. Clean the face of the electrical contacts of the chip with a piece of dry tissue and re-insert the affected cartridge.

Will Jet Tec compatible products invalidate my printer guarantee?
Jet Tec has a very comprehensive 100% guarantee, which covers both the compatible products and the printer.

The Jet Tec compatible cartridge does not look the same as the original branded cartridge?
You may notice the compatible cartridge varies in its design when compared to the original branded product. The Jet Tec compatible cartridge is different to avoid the intellectual property rights owned by the original equipment manufacturer. These changes will NOT affect the quality of the printout.

Will a Jet Tec compatible cartridge damage my printer?
No. Although it may appear a different shape the Jet Tec compatible cartridges have been rigorously tested by quality control to ensure no printer damage will occur.

Will I get the same quality from a Jet Tec compatible cartridge?
All Jet Tec compatible cartridges are manufactured in the UK by the world's leading compatible inkjet cartridge manufacturer. We know you will be extremely pleased by the results.

Will a Jet Tec compatible cartridge print the same amount as an original branded cartridge?
The compatible cartridge will print at least the same amount, and in some cases more than the original branded product. We have the Extralife range of cartridges for Canon and Epson printers. Jet Tec Extralife cartridges print up to one third more pages at 100% coverage when compared to original cartridges. On most new printer models the software in the printer dictates how much a cartridge can print. The compatible cartridges are designed to print the correct quantities where the printer dictates.

Can I use an original branded cartridge once I have used a Jet Tec compatible cartridge?
Yes. Our products will not affect the printer if you wish to switch back to an original; however we are confident that once you have tried our high quality, high value product you will see no reason to go back to using an original branded cartridge.

For more help using Jet Tec Ink Cartridges visit or contact us.

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